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Attention drivers, at SGS Logistics you are not just a number or a fill-in. We prioritise you, your growth and helping you go further on your professional journey. With training and personalised support that exceeds industry standards, we are here to equip you to excel and thrive. Our rigorous screening process isn't about exclusivity, it's about finding dedicated drivers like you, who are committed to premier customer service and hold their responsibilities in the highest regard. 

We are on the lookout for long-term team members, both owner drivers and subcontractor drivers, who are ready to make a lasting impact. If you're seeking a stable, consistent, and gratifying work environment where your expertise and dedication are truly valued, SGS Logistics is your next destination.


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Boutique Personalised Support

Feel the difference with boutique, personalised support - our drivers are never just a number. Your queries and concerns are taken seriously and addressed promptly, often within just a few hours. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you feel heard, valued, and supported at every turn. Your well-being and professional development are our priority.

No Ongoing Or Hidden Fees

Without hidden ongoing fees, we believe in creating a clear, transparent, and supportive environment for our drivers, supporting your role with benefits like taking care of the fuel levy and allowing professional development through paid training.

Stability & Consistency

Step into a world of stability and consistency with our permanent fleets, where our unwavering commitment to our clients fosters long-term partnerships rooted in growth. We partner our drivers with the routes and times that suit them best, which allow them to enjoy routine and foster deeper client relationships.
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