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At SGS Logistics, we specialise in more than just moving goods; we focus on meeting the distinct needs of various industries, from industrial and manufacturing to hospitality and healthcare, through efficient local transport and direct delivery services. Need hardware dispatched to a series of showrooms? Packaging essentials sent out to cafes? Or maybe a fresh batch of food products for leading Australian retailers? Our reliable fleet has you covered. 

Recognising that each client's needs are unique, we craft our services to match what you truly need. Whether it's quick deliveries, top-notch customer service, or just a bigger fleet, we're here to find the right drivers and vehicles that are the right fit for you.


Delivering the goods across
metro and regional Australia

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Your Benefits


Reduced Training Costs

With in-depth training and daily support, our clients benefit from significantly reduced training costs. Our low driver turnover means there's less frequent need for onboarding, and businesses can confidently delegate the management and training to us.

Extend Your Business Seamlessly

Beyond efficiency, our drivers are happy to wear your uniform if required, presenting a consistent and professional brand image for your customers from online interactions to in-person deliveries.

Expand Across Australia Easily

With dedicated drivers stationed across every state in Australia, we stand ready to support your growth, as you establish new offices interstate as you scale up. Regardless of the state or region, you'll experience the same level of reliable service to power your growth.

Best Quality Drivers & Vehicles

We pride ourselves on hiring only seasoned and experienced drivers for our direct delivery services, ensuring that no young or inexperienced individuals are behind the wheel. Experience the distinguished calibre of our drivers, where elite driving meets exemplary customer service.

Full Transparency With Live Tracking

Empower your delivery experience with our live GPS tracking software, providing you with real-time, unparalleled transparency. This advanced tool enhances our fleet management efficiency, ensuring that every move is perfectly aligned with your expectations, giving you the confidence and control over every delivery.

Consistent, Reliable Performance

Have the freedom to focus fully on your business - we offer stability and consistency through our unparalleled driver working conditions, fostering a low-turnover environment. Having reliable and consistent drivers eliminates disruptions in your daily operations and trust that your goods are in savvy hands.

Shared Analytics For Business Optimisation

Unlock the potential to scale and optimise your business faster, with the help of our tailored KPI reports. We provide actionable data points, ready to integrate with your systems, to identify and eliminate inefficiencies, refine routes, and ensure your operations decisions aren’t based on guesswork.
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