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A Commitment Beyond Delivery

Whilst SGS Logistics was established in 2015, our operations team holds over 150+ years of direct industry experience across Chain of Responsibility Management, Solution Design, Operational Management, and Strategic Account Management. This experience and dedication to service, equips our team with the ability to deliver unparalleled service in contract cartage, permanent vehicle hire, and comprehensive distribution throughout metropolitan and regional Australia. 

We are also committed to improving the sustainability of our operations, embracing a more mindful approach towards our carbon footprint. Our proactive measures, starting from appropriate vehicle servicing to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, will widen across our network, as we look to implement more eco-friendly strategies for a greener and more responsible logistical future.

Recognitions For Our Service We’re Proud To Share


AFR Fast Starters List in 2019 and 2020

NIKKEI Asia & Financial Times Asia High-Growth Company in 2021 and 2022

The SGS Logistics Difference

It Starts With Investing Into Your Drivers

Let’s start with the issue we see in most carriers. Most are solely focused on smooth-talking sales, pricing competitiveness and better margins, overlooking the needs of their drivers and failing to support them adequately. A common narrative persists, with driver dissatisfaction. Clients are at the mercy of high driver turnover, with the recurring disruptive hassle to meet and train new drivers. At SGS Logistics, we do things differently.

We take great care in selecting every SGS Logistics driver, including our dedicated owner drivers and sub-contractor drivers, ensuring they are thoroughly trained and backed by a staff-to-driver management ratio that's notably higher than the average. This equips our drivers to serve you better, and become an invaluable extension of your team.

  • Better customer service and performance
  • Intuitive thinking to identify areas for operational improvements and efficiencies
  • Problem-solving capabilities to manage client issues and resolve them quickly

Dedicated Fleet Placement Specialists

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Specialist Logistics Service Tailored To Your Business Needs

Our operations are solely committed to contract logistics and permanent vehicle placement, allowing us to really focus on both quality and efficiency. We do not offer freight and interstate delivery like others. Our intentional and exclusive focus on this niche allows us to hone in on anticipating the needs of our diverse clientele proactively, recruiting better drivers, and optimising our processes for smoother deliveries every day. Our diverse lineup of vehicles ensures that whether it's a small, sensitive delivery requiring the agility of vans or larger, more robust hauls needing the strength of trucks, tautliners or pantechs, we have the resources to provide top-tier service.

With a specialist logistics team, the best fleet of drivers and leading-edge Microsoft BI technology, we not only understand and support your logistics needs, but we can help your business grow faster.


Harness Data And Make Every Logistics Move Count

Microsoft Power BI Technology & Logistics Synchronisation

For businesses serious about growth, utilising technology and data is no longer an option, it's a necessity for improving operations across the board. At SGS Logistics, we integrate tools like GPS tracking, route analysis, and relevant KPI reporting to offer you tangible insights. 

This data empowers your operations team so they no longer have to base their decisions off guesswork, or to continue doing things just because ‘that’s the way it’s always been done.’ 


Our Technology

Refine better routes for faster deliveries with route analysis
Improve inventory management based on real-time customer demand patterns
Order more appropriately and reduce surplus carrying fees from warehouses
Analyse patterns and get a better prediction of future customer behaviour

Our Commitment, Your Growth

The SGS Logistics Approach

We Prioritise Safety

Our logistics team takes our commitment to safety and adherence to regulations seriously. With a transparent chain of responsibility, our processes are efficient and also fully compliant. Clients can rest easy, knowing that resources are managed safely, and everything is above board.

We Look After Our Drivers

We invest deeply in our drivers, providing thorough training, supportive onboarding, and consistent backing. This unwavering commitment results in a loyal team, ensuring smooth and dependable deliveries for our clients.

We Do Things Personally

We take pride in expertly matching drivers and vehicles to our clients' specific needs in contract cartage, carefully considering factors such as customer-facing roles and service expertise. Our aim is to ensure every driver is the right fit, not just a fill-in.
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